Revue d'Information Scientifique et Technique

MAMCTA Multi-Agent Model for Counter Terrorism Actions

Today, the world is affected by a new concept of war called terrorism. As plans to face conventional enemies have become unusual against terrorism, there are a necessity for innovative concepts and technologies. In order to support units,  we aim to upgrade the capability of leaders structuring their choices. In this paper, we offer a multi-agent architecture for the planning of actions against terrorist attacks. It is distinguished by decisive policy responses and methodical procedures for managing the situation, as well as by the flexibility to adapt a contingency scenario. We describe the relationship between actors during a terrorist attack in order to establish the best possible distribution of units to  neutralize the enemy.


Auteurs : Oussama Kebir, Issam Nouaouri, Mouna Belhaj, Lamjed Ben Said, Kamel Akrout

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