Revue d'Information Scientifique et Technique

A Survey on Identity-based Key Management Schemes in Mobile Ad hoc networks

Mobile Ad hoc networks attract more attention over the years, but the security matter of this type of network makes it hard  to achieve all of their advantages. Cryptographic key management is the cornerstone for building any robust network  security solution. Identity-based cryptography is a promising solution that resists well the key escrow problem, which is  suitable for Mobile Ad hoc networks. In this paper, we give an overview of the most important identity-based encryption  schemes proposed in the last decade; combined with other techniques to enhance it and provide better results for Mobile  Ad hoc networks. Hence, we give a comparative analysis to highlight their advantages and weaknesses. This work gives  insights into a recent research to point out its interesting features, take advantages of its strength, ovoid its weaknesses and  to lay out the future directions in this area.

Auteurs : Kenza Gasmi, Abdelhabib Bourouis, Rohallah Benaboud

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