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A set of rhetorical relationships for educational multimedia document

In this paper, we propose a set of rhetorical relations to support applications such as automatic summary generation and content adaptation of a multimedia document. These relations have been proposed in the context of an educational
environment. These rhetorical relations are integrated and handled as part of the logical dimension of the multimedia document.
The proposal of these relations is motivated by the need to take into account the particularities inherent to:
(1) the composition, editing and presentation of a multimedia document and (2) the educational context.
Indeed,multimedia documents in an educational context are very different from textual documents, for which automatic analysis and generation have led to the proposal of a set of commonly used rhetorical relations, as described in the work of Mann and Thompson.
The study of this now more common context, allowed us to go beyond the body of existing work to develop a more appropriate set of rhetorical relationships related to educational multimedia documents.
Keywords: multimedia document; educational multimedia documents; RST; rhetorical relationships;

Auteurs : Azze-Eddine Maredj , Madjid Sadallah

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