Revue d'Information Scientifique et Technique

Volume 27 Numéro 02 Éditorial

The issue 27, volume 2 (2023) of the Information Processing at the Digital Age
Journal is a special issue that publishes the papers of the NLP challenge hold at
CERIST on March 29 th , 2023. This challenge was the first of its kind in Algeria and aimed to promote NLP and bring together researchers and students from NLP research teams. Two main tasks were proposed: Opinion mining and Sentiment Analysis, and Information Retrieval. We received 23 papers. 11 of them were selected for participation at the challenge day.
During the organization of this challenge, we noticed a great interest for the first task, especially the subtask 1.c Arabic Sentiment Analysis and Fake News Detection within Covid-19 and the subtask 1.d Arabic Hate Speech and Offensive Language Detection on Social Networks. Hence, this issue contains five papers addressing subtask 1.c, five papers addressing subtask 1.d, and one paper addressing subtask 1.b Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in Twitter.

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