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DM-RPL: Disjoint Multipath RPL for Bandwidth Provision in the Internet of Multimedia Things.

Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT) is one extensively current topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) due to the immersive growth of multimedia applications in several fields. In Low-power and Lossy Networks (LLNs) where sensor nodes are a key component, providing a satisfactory quality of service (QoS) as well as a user quality of experience (QoE) for such applications is a challenging task. In fact, high bandwidth and substantial computation resources are required. To provide sufficient bandwidth to handle these high data rate applications, we propose to extend RPL to enable for simultaneous use of disjoint multiple paths. This is done on top of the already maintained DODAG structure with the least induced overhead. Furthermore, we suggest applying a low-complexity encoding method on the captured images. Based on both QoS and QoE metrics, we evaluate the performance of our disjoint multipath RPL (DM-RPL) for real video clip transmission using the IoT-LAB testbed. Our results show that multipath provides more bandwidth as the
PDR is increased. Video quality is further improved thanks to the adopted data reduction at the source. All of this translates into less energy being consumed.

Auteurs : Souhila Kettouche  , Moufida Maimour , Lakhdar Derdouri

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